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Trolleys (Black and White)

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Trolleys black and white Banksy Editions
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  • Title: Trolley Hunters Los Angeles Edition (Black and White) Signed
  • Medium: Screen Print
  • Date: 2005
  • Edition: 150 Signed (500 signed)
  • Dimensions: 56 x 76 cm
  • Signature: Signed on the right, numbered on the left
  • Published by: ‘Barely Legal’ exhibition in Los Angeles in 2006
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    The Banksy print Trolleys (or Trolley Hunters) was originally released as part of the LA edition accompanying Banksy’s Barely Legal show in 2006. This first incarnation of Trolleys was unsigned, and numbered out of 500. There are a limited number of signed prints from the LA Edition in circulation (low edition numbers and proofs), but these didn’t go on general sale.

    The LA edition of Trolleys differs slightly to the later UK release – most noteworthy difference being that the paper it was printed on was a cream colour, and a hunter has a different tool. In late 2007, Trolleys saw a UK in three different formats – an edition of 750 signed colour prints, 500 unsigned white prints and 150 signed white prints. The last edition of Trolleys (and the rarest) came at the Street Artist’s Santa’s Ghetto show in Bethlehem in December 2007. Only available to those who visited the temporary exhibition, this was a signed edition of 28 prints printed on end paper.

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