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Turf War

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Banksy Editions Turf War
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  • Title: Turf War Unsigned
  • Medium: Screen print
  • Date: 2003
  • Edition: 600 Unsigned (150 Signed)
  • Dimensions: 34.5 x 49.5 cm
  • Signature: Numbered in pencil bottom right
  • Published by: POW
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This Banksy artwork shows a famous portrait Winston Churchill half scowling, half smiling, post World War II victory — but instead of a bald head, Churchill is complete with a mohican. This silkscreen print is monochromatic, save for Churchill’s bright green mohican. Banksy’s Winston Churchill with green Mohawk is a reference to the May-day anarchist riots of 2000.

The image is also trivializing war and the constant battle for territory on a global scale by imbuing the famous defender of our lands. This is one of Banksy’s most famous and witty works.

Shown in Banksy’s seminal 2003 ‘Turf Wars’ exhibition, the original painting was suspended high overhead and flanked by numerous Flying Coppers, spray painted cardboard cut-outs.

“I thought that on a day when people all over the world were gathering to express their human rights and the right to freedom of speech, I would express a challenge to an icon of the British establishment.”

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