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  • Title: Pulp Fiction (Stretched Version) Signed
  • Medium: Silk screen print
  • Date: 2004
  • Edition: 8 Signed (8 Unsigned)
  • Dimensions: 35 x 99.5 cm
  • Published by: 
  • Signature: Signature and numbering bottom left
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First spotted in London’s East-Central area of Old Street in 2007, ‘Pulp Fiction’ is still today, one of Banksy’s most iconic pieces. The artwork was removed by Transport for London as it was deemed too violent however, Banksy quickly returned, as did the art. This piece depicts Samuel L. Jackson and John Travolta as they appeared in the 1994 Tarantino film. Pulp Fiction is a satirical adventure exploring over the top violence and language. Fans of the film will appreciate the irony of the scene as the characters threaten menacingly with their bananas instead of guns. The Banksy print was originally released in 2004 as an edition of 750. 600 unsigned and 150 signed. The Pulp Fiction stencil was sold for £10,600 in 2012 and it is now available on a stretched canvas version.

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    Banksy Editions Pricing History

    Unsigned Editions

    Year Value Location
    2015 £7,709 London
    £7,192 London
    £6,200 London
    2008 £2,250 London

    Signed Editions

    Year Value Location
    2014 £17,360 London
    £10,625 London
    2012 £10,625 London
    2011 £9,375 London
    2008 £7,750 London
    2007 £2,000 London
    £6,000 London

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