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Welcome To Hell (Placard Rat Series) Unsigned

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banksyedition-welcome to hell
The factfile
  • Title: Welcome To Hell (Placard Rat Series) Unsigned
  • Medium: Silk screen print
  • Date: 2004
  • Edition: 175 Unsigned (75 Signed)
  • Dimensions: 35 x 50 cm
  • Published by: POW
  • Signature: Numbered bottom right
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In the “Placard Rat” series, we see the rat as an analogy of injustice and those facing it. We see the rat take on many personas and assuming different characters such as a ‘Gangsta’ or a doorman (as spotted in Pimlico, near the Tate Britain) to highlight the many ways that those living in “The human race…” to which is ” an unfair and stupid competition”. The ‘Rat Race’ as they call it simply is a race for power, status and materiality; which many are deceived to having and are in fact at a loss.

The inspiration behind this edition of the ‘Placard Rat’, comes from the 440-page book “Get Out While You Can: Escape the Rat Race” by author, George Marshall. The print was originally released in 2004, with a total 250 prints, 75 signed, 175 unsigned.

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