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Nola (Pink/Yellow Rain)

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Nola Yellow Rain Banksy Editions
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  • Title: Nola (Pink/Yellow Rain) Signed
  • Medium: Silk screen print
  • Date: 2008
  • Edition: Rare AP
  • Dimensions: 56 x 76 cm
  • Published by: POW
  • Signature: Signed bottom right
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Nola appeared on a New Orleans wall, during Banksy time there in 2008 on St. Claude Avenue at Kerlerec Street in Marigny. When interviewed about the work, Banksy said it represents how things that are there to protect us can also cause us harm. The rain depicted unusually falls from inside the umbrella, therefore failing in its basic function to protect the girl from getting wet. The piece, among others in the area, is fiercely protected, having been covered in plywood in 2014, after an attempt to remove it was made. It is said at the time the work even had it’s own personal guard around the clock.

The print comes in four different colourways, with the rain a different colour in each variation. An original Nola, with red rain, on canvas sold for £55,200 at auction in Bonham’s, in 2011.

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