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Monkey Queen

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Banksy Editions Monkey Queen
The factfile
  • Title: Monkey Queen
  • Medium: Silk screen Print
  • Date: 2003
  • Edition: 600 Unsigned (AP’s available unconfirmed edition)
  • Dimensions: 34.5 x 49.2 cm
  • Published by: POW
  • Signature: Numbered bottom right
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‘Monkey Queen’ first appeared at a young people’s club called The Chill Out Zone on Broad Street in Newent.

The painting hung on the wall of the club for several months before it was finally moved to the front window. It caught the eye of several supporters of the Monarchy who felt that the Queen’s likeness as to the monkey portrayed on the Union Jack was disrespectful of both the Queen and the flag. The youth centre was asked not to display the image during the Queen’s Silver Jubilee.

Banksy’s ‘Monkey Queen’ print was originally released in 2003 as an edition of 750 prints with 600 unsigned and 150 signed.

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