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Flying Copper (Pink Face) AP Signed

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  • Title: Flying Copper (Pink Face)
  • Medium: Silk screen print
  • Date: 2003
  • Edition: 8 AP’s
  • Dimensions: 70 x 100 cm
  • Signature: Signed bottom right
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Flying Copper is very much a trademark Banksy print and featured in his book “Wall & Piece”. But it turns out this face was not part of Banksy’s initial vision – the bright yellow emoji was not a part of his plan but of an unknown artist.

Originals of the image were used as giant cut outs at the Turf War exhibition 2003 and suspended from the ceiling of the venue. Banksy then adopted in the Flying Copper series.

The cutouts were spotted on the streets in both London and Vienna, the London street version with a clear red “Banksy” tag through the middle of the stencil. Shoreditch Bridge housed a whole row of paste up Coppers. Part of this display was stolen and featured in a 2012 documentary “How to sell a Banksy”.

The print was then released as an edition in 2003 with very rare artist proofs in pink.

This was Banksy first print in collaboration with Steve Lazarides, who began by selling them for £40 from the back of his car.

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