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Di-Faced Tenners Unsigned

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The factfile
  • Title: Di Faced Tenners Unsigned
  • Medium: Sheet Lithograph
  • Date: 2004
  • Edition: 50 unsigned (50 signed)
  • Dimensions: 30 x 42 cm
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Banksy used the artwork of the UK £10 note and replaced the Queen’s head with Princess Diana’s. He also changed the wording to “Banksy of England” and “I Promise to Pay the Bearer on Demand the Ultimate Price.” The back features Darwin’s image and the statement: “Trust No One.”

Famously Banksy scattered these at the Notting Hill Carnival, Reading Rock Festival and also Santa’s Ghetto Exhibition.

The notes struck up controversy in more ways than one. Not only because of speculations of rivalry between Diana & the Queen but also the illegitimacy and act of crime in mass production of counterfeit money.

Pest Control who issues Banksy’s COAs (Certificate of Authenticity) for collectors of Banksy prints use half of a Di Faced Tenner and staple it to the COA. They keep the other half of the note and hence have a great method of stopping counterfeit prints and certificates circulating in the art market.

Now in large circulation there are an estimated 100,000 and all are unsigned. Released for sale in 2004 and printed on both sides, were sheets of five notes, which come in an edition of 50.

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